Top 9 of the Treks in Uttrakhand

Chopta Chandrashila Trek:


Chandrashila Trek with Chopta is one of the most beautiful and challenging treks for all of us. Travelers are permitted to walk in Uttarakhand. Soaring up at 13000 feet, adorned with fog, coniferous, and snow, this is one hell of a trek you have to take.


The Chopta, located on the Gopeshwar-Ukhimath route, is located at an altitude of 2900mts above sea level. Rich in flora and fauna, this enchanting way is a complete example of the majestic panoramas.


Dodital Darwa Pass Trek:


Digital is a good place situated 3024 m north of Uttarkashi. The lake is surrounded by thick oak, deodar, pine, and rhododendrons. The forest around the lake is also full of flora and fauna. The Dodital Lake is beautifully covered and surrounded by pine and oak trees. Soak up the beauty of the area and gaze at the lake for a long time.


You should enjoy some birding, too. There are also birds such as Brown Fronted Woodpecker, Gray Tit, Himalayan Babbler, Red-Billed Blue Magpie, Gray Shrike, Bush Robin, Pink Finch, Munia, Common Chiffchaff, Himalayan Whistling Thrush, Himalayan Tree Pie, Tailor Pigeon, and Himalayan Monal.


Dodital Bamsaru Khal Pass Trek:


Bamsaru-Khal describes one of the routes from Gangotri to Yamunotri, along the Hanuman Ganga River, through to Bamsaru Khal. Bamsaru-Khal is a less well-founded valley in the Garhwal Himalayas, adjacent to the Ganga Valley, renowned for its virgin Bugyals and the stunning peaks of a beautiful trek.


Gomukh Tapovan Trek:


Gangotri-Gaumukh Tapovan trek is a common Indian trek. It is situated at the base of the Gangotri Glacier, Gaumukh also known as Cow’s mouth is the source of the holy Ganga River. Tapovan, on the other side, is situated above the Gangotri Glacier. This trek passes through the glaciers.


That’s why it’s definitely one of the great treks ideally suited to adventure from around the globe. This trail is graded as moderate and can therefore be undertaken by mountaineers and non-mountainers with a good state of health. The Gomukh Tapovan Trek is one of the most thrilling and moderate tours in Uttarakhand.


Har Ki Dun Trek:


Har Ki Dun is one of the most stunning valleys of the western Himalayas. It is nestled in the center of a cradle-shaped valley below the Har Ki Dun peak. A pleasure for tourists, both in summer and in winter, this valley is accessible via the Govind National Park, renowned for its rich variety of flora and fauna.


The trail through alpine meadows, moraine ridges, glacier basins, pine forests, and ancient villages offers you stunning views of the valley and the chance to experience a lovely, slow-paced local lifestyle. Located at an altitude of 3566mts, Har-Ki-Dun is surrounded by gleaming peaks and lush green trees.


Kalindikhal Trek:


A daunting Kalindi Khal trek nestled in the lap of the magnificent Himalayas, you can feel the rush of adrenaline in the blood of tourists as tourists climb up to the 6000m high Himalayas. Not only that, this mesmeric place is a spiritual haven decorated with stunning mountains of nature. Kalindikhal’s trekking experience begins with Gangotri banked beside the waters of Ganga.


After seeking the blessing of the Gangotri goddess, launch your journey to Gaumukh, the birthplace of the Holy Ganges River. Be enchanted by the grasslands of Tapovan and mesmerized by the mountains of Shivling, Bhagirathi, and Meru.


Kedartal Trek:


Kedartal, also known as the ‘Shiva Lake,’ is one of the highest lakes in Uttarakhand. This immaculate glacial lake is located at an altitude of 4,912 metres above sea level in the Uttarkashi district. This emerald lake is created by the melting of the Kedar glacier, giving birth to the Kedar Ganga River, an important tributary of the Bhagirathi River.


Nanda Devi Sanctuary Trek:


In 1934, the British team of six shepherds was the first party to visit the Nanda Devi Sanctuary. The Nanda Devi Sanctuary in India’s Garhwal Himalayas is a unique geographical feature. A ring of peaks connected by massive rock walls that dip no less than 17,000ft/5200 metres into an impenetrable sanctuary.


The unavoidable harm incurred by expeditions and shepherds, who have found their way in. Thereafter, many tourists made their way to the sanctuary, which ultimately led to environmental problems, and the sanctuary was closed down by the Government of India in 1983.


Nagtibba Trek:


Located in the Less Himalayan area, Nagtibba or more popularly known as the ‘Mountain of the Serpent’ is a paradise for adventurers. This range is called Nagtibba as the residence of the Nag Devta, and the local people of the area worship the respective deity. Besides spiritual importance, the trek is famous for providing the perfect sights during sunrise and sunset.

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