Kasol’s top 9 things to do

Kasol is situated at a height of 1640 meters and 42 km far from Kullu, a small hamlet located on the river Parvati. It is also popular as the Mini Israel of India because most of its people come from Israel and also because it is Israeli in local culture and style.


The river Parvati is abundant in trout fish and the best place to fish. For trout fishing in Parvati, permits are however necessary from the State Forest Department. The Kasol River is also suitable for rafting on white water.


Kasol’s top 9 stuff


Do you intend to go to Kasol? And what do I say about it? Your thesis has then been completed. In Kasol, you can search for the Top 9.


Trekking Near Kasol


Kasol is a trekking paradise with many styles of hiking trips, from easy to tough. Hiking along these pathways in the Parvati Valley is one of the best activities in the city of Kasol, through Oak and Rhododendron woods.


The backpacking tour of Himachal Pradesh is the center of Kasol’s attraction and the base for famous tourists such as Kheerganga -Tosh, Sar Pass, and Pin Parvati Pass. Located in the Parvati Valley, next to the river Parvati, it serves as a temporary home for all the explorers who live in the valley.


Kasol Cafes Hopping


In reality, Kasol is a great place for foodies that have trippy sounds, trance music, and a relaxed attitude. Not only serve excellent food at cafes in Kasol, but they also have an unforgettable hippie experience that you’ll never get to anywhere in India.


Kasol’s cafeterias are full of foreign tourists, without visiting these cafés you can’t embrace your Kasol ride. So, it ought to be in your path!!


Kasol Nightlife


Located at Himachal Pradesh, Kasol is one of India’s hippies’ hottest tourist destinations, also popular as ‘Mini Israel of India.’


there are a few clubs and restores that have quite picked up the nightlife in Kasol, among foreign tourists and people in our country who made Kasol a tourist hotspot.


These places have a range of restaurants and a striking traditional bar that features the finest Himalayan drinks in the world. The drinks can however be quite pricey.


Kasol Parties


Kasol’s Heaven Gateway is not only popular for its stunning mountains, the exuberance of green flora, and peaceful surroundings but also its lively festival community, which hosts some of the country’s finest music festivals, famous new year events, and festivities.


Himachal’s festival capital is Kasol which always fascinates travelers for the mysterious Parvati Valley to celebrate New Year. You must be part of the most ravishing Kasol New Year crowd if you love trance music and roaring parties.


Kasol Solo Trip


Backpackers in Kasol, popular as a backpacker’s paradise, get psychedelic and vibrant feel. Today in India the culture of solo travel has begun.


Himachal Pradesh is one of the lowest crime rates in stable states in India. In this charming state, there are fewer rape cases, robberies, etc. while all the crimes reported in Himachal relate to drugs, mafias, smuggling, hashish cultivation, etc.


Travel can be safe or dangerous, according to the number of variables, so there is no 100% safe place in India.


Fishing in Kasol


In the beautiful little trek of Kasol, which gives you a nice fishing chance. The Parvati River is the dream destination for all lovers of fishing. Kasol Fishing starts at Barsaini where you can go to the beautifully situated campsite with a spectacular view. Take part in this fun activity in the shallow waters to admire the lovely snowy peaks while waiting for great fishing with patience.


Camping in Parvati Valley


Camping in Kasol, on green slopes with thundering waterways, is one of the best things to do. Kasol is also a great base for camping and hiking in valleys and hills. It has a savory atmosphere and a timeless beauty of nature.


You can camp along the banks of the river, the highest point on the Kheerganga, in the high Parvati Valley, and even in the beautiful valleys of the Tosh in the various places where you can make your tent during the night as you sit and watch the starry sky.


Israeli Food in Kasol


Kasol is very popular as Mini Israel, and Israelis and their culture are very present so you can see that the food in Kasol is influenced by Israeli food. You will enjoy an authentic Israeli dish perfected over the years. Make sure you taste the best food on your journey here, because this is one of Kasol’s best things.


Kasol Market Visit


When you visit Kasol, there are many things to buy as souvenirs for your loved ones on the streets in Kasol. You can’t miss it. In Kaosl there are plenty of items to purchase from semi-precious stones to Himachali caps.


You may also purchase colorful t-shirts, crafts, and tapestries, however. Kasol’s visit to the market makes sure you don’t go home without remembrances. Even, make sure you explore the streets as one of Kasol’s top stuff.


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