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Kalsubai is the highest mountain in Maharashtra. Situated at an awe-inspiring height of 5 400 feet, this house provides a spectacular view over the Sahyadri area and a lush green mountain covering. Kalsubai is one of Maharashtra’s best-known trekking destinations. The hiking is steep in sections, but is greatly helped by the excellent facilities open to novice trekkers. The Cenozoic period, consisting mostly of solidified flood basalt, dates from the Mountain. Kalsubai is also an ideal venue for star tourists and campers.




One is able to get to Kalsubai via the Mumbai-Nashik Highway in Igatpuri District to Bari Village. You can see the lush green fields and hills on the way during your daytime journey. Or take a central bus line to Kasara. Every local bus takes between 30-40 minutes from Kasara. Or, till there, you can even select a private taxi.




As the mountain showers start, the mountains are stretched over a beautiful countryside full of cascades and green. Look out for floating waves in calm, nebline weather to help you enjoy trekking. July to September are the months best for the monsoon season’s highlights.The landscape in Kalsubai is changing drastically after the monsoons flourish and attract different dragonflies, bees and butterflies which attract a sweet nectar.The flowering meadows of the flowers allow for a perfect day trek and events like star watching and moonlight treks draw many visitors to Kalsubai in the winter. In the winter season there are a variety of activities. From October to February the night sky and sunrises on the hill are ideal for enjoying the spectacular view.




The trek starts at the base village of Bari. A tiny temple is 15 minutes from the beginning of the trek.There is an astonishing view from the top of Kalsubai Mountain. The most prominent Sahyadris peaks are visible from here such as Alang, Madan, Kulang, Ratangad and Ajoba. The walk is through vast fields and agricultural land from the beginning of the trek. It’s the best part of the walk and a nice walk.The four-level ladder section is the most daring and difficult part of the walk. The climb is the same, but there is a one-way street for walkers, so when the rain is hard to walk. The temple of Kalsubai is considered very favorable, and still many villagers visit the temple in quest for Kalsubai Devi’s blessings.People who cannot ascend to the summit, at this Kalsubai temple take the blessings of Heaven. At many intervals, there are shade patches that can be used to relax and enjoy the wind that always sweeps along the mountain line. Start the trip early in the mornings as the snorkeling sun dehydrates, tires trekkers on a long trek to the top. as soon as possible.You’re probably going to have some time to spend at the clean, not so busy waterfalls on the right turn, prior to entering the village if you started climbing as early as 6am. The first waterfall is five minutes away, so you will have to walk a couple more minutes if you want to enjoy a better waterfall and see a fairly larger, clear waterfall. Fortunately, in different places along the lane, there are small stalls serving butter milk and lemon juice that make one feel refreshed and enthusiastic.It is indeed possible to camp on the top and a very pleasant experience. You should bring your own tents and pitch them in the right corner on the summit if you want an overnight camp. In general, during peak seasons you can see tent clusters around the peak..




The Kalsubai Peak Trekking can be a very tiring energy transfer of food and water. Before reaching the Kalsubai summit, a little well is situated and a village camp there offers tea and Pakoda. Peak Kalsubai is a small plateau with a magnificent view of surrounding forts and Dams. The wind in the peak of Kalsubai during the mountain is very intense. In winter, you can even go for a night hike in Kalsubai to enjoy the lovely Sunrise. Before sunrise it gets very cold with heavy wind in Kalsubai.


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