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In the middle of two hill stations – Lonavala and Karjat – Rajmachi Trek is nestled. The walk can either be reached from Lonavala or from the Karjat side and offers trekkers to ascend two forts starting from Udhewadi, the same base village. The castle is 2510 foot west, while the fort of Shriwardhan is 2710 feet east. The trail is much longer but easier to walk and to enter both forts if you walk through Lonavala. Much of the way you walk along the mud path through the forest portion is up to Udhewadi.The path to Kandala begins from Khondane’s caves and waterfalls. It climbs steeper through a forest area and connects Udhewadi town.The Satavahanas built these forts, but they became known under the rule of Shivaji Maharaj, who took over the fort in the 15th century. The fort has been improved and enlarged by Shivaji Maharaj, with many buildings in place. The forts saw the Marathas and the Mughals war. It was taken over by the British later in the 19th century.The fort was also a popular commercial route linking Mumbai and Pune today.




As a medium-level trek Rajmachi Fort Trek. It is safer to launch the trek from the base village Udhewadi if you are a beginner. Trekking from kondhane caves or Tungarli Lake is feasible for experienced trekkers. The path is clearly marked from the base village, and is normally about an hour to the summit. There are also many shelters along the road that allow you to breathe. If you are trekking in the mountains, just be very careful when the way is slippery.




The village of Udhewadi, another name of Rajmachi, is at the bottom of the fort. Rajmachi Fort is known for its trekkers and adventure lovers. If you want to have a full-blown hike, then you can abandon the Kondane Caves for 3-4 hours, but otherwise you can take a right up to a village of Udhewadi from Lonavala and then walk to the top of the fort for just 20-30 minutes. It’s 15 kilometers. The road from Lonavala to Udhewadi is very low, so it is an SUV or a car with very good ground clearance that we would suggest taking this route. This path of 15 km is one of the better off-road roads. On this road, motorcyclists attempt to do their riding.The straightforward and clearly defined paths make Rajmachi a famous tour for beginners. Some residents in Udhewadi have, however, begun to rent their rooms for travelers in recent years. The rooms are incredibly basic, but the overall atmosphere is very amazing. Some people plan a trip shelter. If you are going to sleep overnight in Rajmachi Fort, you can comfortably bring your own tent, find the right campsite and pitch it for overnight stays. The top of the forts are very windy in almost every season, so it might be hard to camp in, but you can do it in Udhewadi.



Rajmachi can easily be reached by train, but easy access is offered by air, rail or by road in nearest metro towns of Mumbai and Pune. It is potentially the ideal way to get to Rajmachi by air. Mumbai international airport Chhatrapati Shivaji, both for domestic and international flights, is the closest airport. You can also book a flight ride to Pune’s Lohegaon International Airport. You could rent a taxi from the airport to Lonavala or Rajmachi base village.The nearest train station on the road from Pune to Bombay is the Lonavala Train Station. You have the option of trains from most of the country’s main towns. From the rail station in Udhewadi, hire a rickshaw or car taxi. From Mumbai or Pune drive to Udhewadi or Fanasrai and walk the rest of the route. The main towns of Mumbai to Lonavala are linked with buses.


Get off on a famous Rajmachi firefly stroll. The hilly slopes of the luxuriant western Ghats include flames that glitter on the night sky with many tiny lights. Be vigilant not to annoy little animals. Monsoon months in Rajmachi are perfect places for sweetening insects, for the scent and rain of the damp soil and for the silvery cascades down the hill. For wildlife places such as the National Chandoli Preserve, the Sagareshwar Deer Park, or Dandoba Wildlife sanctuary less than 100 Km from Rajmachi.

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