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Hike through the Kuari Pass or the Lord Cürzon Trail, and experience the hundreds of snow-capped mountains that dominate the area. The Kuari pass will definitely grab your heart strings, encircled by majestic trees, hypnotizing sunsets and sunrises. The stunning panoramic views of Neelkanth, Trishul, Nandaghunti, Nanda Devi, Dunagiri and the obstacles make this a trek valuable.Your camping hilltop during the trek would be a breathtaking experience in the mountainous Himalayas. Explore the trail offbeat by familiarizing yourself with local food and history. Capture more of the local people’s lives and merge them with the shepherds to learn more about their lives.




The Kuari Pass winter is one of the most spectacular tours ever to the Himalayan Mountains. In Garhwal, Uttarakhand State, the mountain pass is situated. It is situated to the South of the Tibetan Plateau and is in the magnificent national park of Nanda Devi. Known as the path of Lord Curzon and one of the finest treks in the Himalayas, the Kuari Pass is one of the most scenic. Winter is the perfect season for the excursion because the snow makes the area look beautiful. The path gives a chance in a very short period of time to explore the inner Himalayan region.


This ride is definitely a special experience for adventure & mountain enthusiasts. You will walk in the infinite wilderness with the mountains that surround you as you dwell in the beauty of the Himalayas.Kuari Pass Tour would definitely pull your heart bands around beautiful woods and the potential to see astounding sunsets and sunrises.  Get yourself mingled with the local people’s way of life and learn more about mountain life. 




Kuari Pass Trek has very good connectivity with the major towns of Uttarakhand, making it easy to reach. The Dehradun airport is situated 48 km from Haridwar. The airport is open. There are regular flights from Delhi to Dehradun, making the trip incredibly versatile. Haridwar has a well-established rail network linking it to the country’s major cities. Haridwar coach stand has links around the country to all major cities. From the bus stands of the different cities, direct buses are available. There is also ample choice both for governmental and private buses.




The tour starts in Joshimath (in the Himalayan district of Chamoli) and has grown to be the heart of the Himalayans for walkers and pilgrims. The Panch-Prayag rivers – namely the Devprayag, the Karnaprayag, the Devprayag, the Rudraprayag – are influences of several rivers – Pinder, Kaliganga, Mandakini, Birehiganga & Dhauli Ganga. The walk goes to small isolated villages of the Himalayas. Driving along the Curzon road through those villages is an ideal way to get to know the mountain people’s lives.The leaves are vivid in the colors of the autumn, and the blue-brown mountains and the snow caps are in stark contrast to them. On this walk you walk through magnificent Oak and Deodar jungles. And, of course, these jungles are a wildlife home. In the trees can be found noticeable Pug marks of leopards or Himalayan black bears. In these mountains are also abundant rhododendron trees that hold flowers of a fiery red hue.


Walking in the comfort meadows of the Himalayas, the truly relaxing aspect of the trek is ‘Bugyals,’ named in the local language. The majesty and harmony of a Himalayan wilderness is a journey that nobody can skip. The most impressive is the Gorson Bugyal, made up of wide green pastures. On this trek you also visit Auli, famed for its stunning ski slopes in the winter pass Kuari.


This trek will lead you up and down several more small passes – the Vinayak Pass and the Tali Peak, which finally will take you to the highest point of the climb – the Kuari Top, 13990 feet away. This journey is not too difficult and is a perfect reward for your physical effort with the most beautiful view of some of the Himalayan Range’s finest mountains.Highlight of the trek is the sight of the Nanda Devi Massif. If you want some adventure, pack your backpacks and head for Haridwar on the snowy slopes of the Garhwal-Himalayas.


It is a reasonably easy walk with a low altitude. Scarcity of supplies of water along the way must be noted. Although there is plenty of water at campsites, bottles should be filled every day for the trip. The clouds will even play havoc without rain, even whether there’s a strong chance that the sky is open.


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