Interesting Facts that You Should Know About Roses

Interesting Facts that You Should Know About Roses

Roses are one of the most fascinating flowers. There is no doubt that roses are the proper symbols of love, and with hundreds of roses around, you can’t stop admiring their beauty. 

You can just be astonished and astounded by the magnificent beauty. Nature has created these roses to offer the heavenly essence on Earth. These blooms are valentine’s day cliche but are the most unique symbols of passionate affection.

These beautiful blooms of roses have a dazzling appearance that can win anyone. With more than 150 types of roses that grow as shrubs, climbers ground covers, it would not be wrong to call them the king of flowers.

There is no marvellous thing that you can find on Earth other than an orchard of flowers. Nature has done its best artwork by creating these luxurious and royal flowers.

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Here are some unknown fascinating facts about roses that would make you wonder about their prettiness and charm. These astounding facts about roses would take you deep down into a thought that engages you in its arresting and aesthetic beauty.

Roses are historical 

Roses are the oldest flowers. History is witness to the beautiful roses. Whenever you think of eternity, the roses can be the perfect epitome. The rose fossils have been found dating back to 35 million years ago. You can think of roses as one of the most impressively and enduring flowers that are as old as the human species itself.

Roses in food 

The roses’ petals are edible, and no one is ignorant that the rose water has miraculous properties. It is one of the flavouring agents in Indian and Chinese cuisine especially. The roses also grow a significantly shaped fruit called Rosehips. These, being one of the most vital sources of vitamin C, are used to flavour cocktails and added in dried form to make a refreshing tea.

So you can revel in the fact that roses not only are easy on the eyes but also please your senses with a hearty delightful meal.

Each rose colour has a different meaning. 

There are plenty of roses treating your eyes in elegant colours. The vibrant colour of the roses makes them the reflection of human emotions.

The yellow rose is the eternal epitome of friendship. You can hand over a fresh yellow rose to anyone you want to be your friend, a life companion. The white roses signify sympathy and are most often given at funerals. 

The white roses bring upon purity, calmness and spirituality. They are perfect for conveying your condolences. The pink roses stand for hopefulness and expectancy. The peach roses offer a serene vibe that stands for peace and calmness, the red roses for the promise and trust.


Roses are known for their florals, and they are dried, and the rose oil has been for centuries used in perfumery. They extract the rose oil from the flowers and produce magnificent and enchanting women perfumes. 

The US national flower

Not everyone is known to the fact that the national flower of the United States is the rose. No wonder that these scintillating beauties are epitomes of one of the powers of the world. These roses were declared in 1986 as the National flower emblem of the US by Ronald Reagan. The famous White House also has a rose garden with varieties of flowers. Rose is also the state flower of Georgia, New York, North Dakota, Washington DC.

You cannot deny but just admire the acclaimed and smashing prettiness of these roses. 

Most of the roses that have originated from Asia have delicate petals and bewitching beauty that mesmerises anyone and everyone. Find the florist in Mumbai who can curate a lavish bouquet of graceful roses.

The blazing energy, the fiery appearance, the passionate essence, and the roses’ evocative looks are synonymous with every aspect of human life. These roses come in dark and light colours and are the most extraordinary ways to please a person.

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