Virtual Events for Exhibitors

Advantages of Virtual Events for Exhibitors and Attendees

The last few months have been quite challenging. With the world going into lockdown, people were left with few options. No one was able to escape from the adverse effects of the pandemic. Many notable events around the world got cancelled. Not only it created a tricky situation for Virtual events planners, but also for exhibitors and attendees. With nowhere to display their product or services to a customer, the exhibitors were left clueless.

But eventually, things become better with the advent of virtual events. They offered many features to counter the problems in these stressful times. You can host different types of events like Virtual conferences, trade fairs, fests, competitions and much more. The possibilities are endless with virtual events.

Let’s look at the benefits of the virtual event for both exhibitors and attendees-

Cost Efficiency

A lot of costs can be saved by opting for a virtual event. In a physical event, the exhibitor would have to spend money on different items like brochures, pamphlets, literature and banners. Whereas in a virtual event, the exhibitor would only pay the rent to the event organiser.

On the other hand, the attendees get access to tons of events free of cost or at a very nominal fee.

Higher Number of Attendees

Since virtual events allow flexibility of location, more people can become part of the event. What it means for an exhibitor is to reach a broader range of audience. And more attendees means more opportunities. It translates to a better sales figure.

Whereas attendees get a hassle-free and comfortable environment to meet with exhibitors and speakers, which is simply not possible in a physical event.

Flexibility of Time

Time can become a major constraint in any physical event. But in a virtual event, you can solve this problem in two ways. First, besides mentioning local time for your audience, provide international time for a global audience.

Secondly, you can provide on-demand access to your audience, which means people can view your event even after it is over. They can view your event in one or multiple sittings.

Better Exposure

In a virtual event, you have better access to resources for longer durations. The virtual event can last for many days whereas a physical event lasts only 2-3 days.

Also, if the virtual event organiser can provide an option of on-demand for several months. Or they can leave permanent access to booths, presentations, documents, videos, etc.

This long duration of access gives a boost to the SEO of the brand’s website. It means an engagement for more prolonged periods even after the event.

More Optimum Networking

Many virtual event hosts inculcate features for better interactions and networking. With a larger audience, dedicated features and refined experience for attendees, making new networks becomes effective.

Features like networking lounges, 2-way interaction, one-on-one communication facilitates networking. Whereas features like AI match-making helps in connecting with like-minded people hence, efficient networking.

Global Reach

One of the most popular features that come with virtual events is global reach. Since anyone from anywhere can attend a virtual event, the geographical barrier is the thing of the past. This is clearly absent in a physical event, as the number of participants is limited. And everyone can’t join that event. Also, the participants don’t have to book tickets for travelling and accommodations.

Easy to Collect Feedback

In a virtual event, it is easier to collect customer feedback. Since it is collected automatically in a virtual event, it is a much speedier and efficient method. You don’t get these advantages with physical events.

Also, customer feedback is valuable. It summarises the attendees’ experience in the events. Their aspirations and expectations, as well as their opinion, everything is present in their feedback.

This information can be used to target them effectively for future events.

Easy Access to Analytics

Analytics means all the activities of your attendees in your event. This can include the number of people who joined a live session, attendee locations, live chat and networking options. Also, you can see who got in touch with a particular exhibitor or sponsor, the event app download count, and a lot more.

Not only after the event, but you can also monitor attendees’ activities during the event.

More Options to Engage Attendees

In a virtual event, you have more options to engage with people. And these options can also be used by exhibitors. For instance, Gamification, Giveaways/competitions, Health and Wellbeing Activities and talent hunt are few methods to engage attendees.

Greater Learning Opportunity

One thing that makes the virtual event special, that one advantage leads to another benefit.

Now the flexibility of time, geography and cost-effectiveness contributes to making your event global. It means more people from around the world are available on the same platform simultaneously. That makes a virtual event a great place to learn. It is simply not possible in a physical event.

11. More efficient event Schedules

In a physical event, there is a high possibility that an attendee wants to attend two sessions that are happening simultaneously. But he/she can select only one. So, in a virtual event, we can eliminate this problem by making sessions available on-demand to attendees. So, they can attend one session live and another one later.

A virtual event allows you to schedule sessions in a more manageable way. So, that attendees can get the most out of the event. While exhibitors get to reach more people.

12. Comfort and Well-Being

You can attend a virtual event from the comfort of your home. Often people miss an event due to some issues like health, travelling or in case of emergency.

Currently, the well being of people is the top priority of the event hosts around the world. And that is why organising a physical event is still debatable. And here comes the most significant advantage of virtual events – a safe and comfortable way to host an event. You can host a large scale event without stepping out or gathering a large crowd. This helps you to achieve your goal without compromising on the security of people.

Virtual events become most relevant in situations like this one that we are facing right now. And also, you get some control even in times of uncertainty.

Now that you know the benefits of attending a virtual event, we hope that you will also join a virtual event as an attendee or an exhibitor in the future.

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